Locked in a corner..

Well fark me, this Puket place is a bit of an eye opener…..but smokes & booze are cheap so I think I’m doing well.

Hit the town last night & the amount of old Australian dregs that come here for the women is pretty funny. Don’t get me wrong, the young ladies are pretty tidy, but I do now know how Nicholas cage felt in Lord of war…who’s sick joke is this.

I’m constantly hasstled as “long hair” here & Rogan seems to be enjoying it…smart ass. Goin fishing tomorrow in the adaman sea for a few hours but I’m sure i’ll catch a big bag of nothing!



2 Responses to “Locked in a corner..”

  1. Cozza says:

    Sounds like Phuket is the place to be!

    They all look pretty tidy, but always double check for the shoulders and the Adam’s Apple. If that fails, go for the grope to double check. Of course, if they are post-op, they are counted as girls anyway, right?

    Of course, just repeating what I heard. Say G’day to Gazza Glitter for us too!

  2. Flosco says:

    Very good Adawg, was over there in Jan n i could hardly tell anyway, if ya ask me just go for it, worry about the head fuck when ya get home,
    have good one bro,