8 Ball Jokers gig . .

Whats up crew!?..

I know it’s winter, and everyone’s hybernatin.. But who reading this is keen on checkin out The 8 Ball Jokers next weekend, 11/08 at the Espy??

2 Responses to “8 Ball Jokers gig . .”

  1. Cozza says:

    Trix, I’d love to come man, but my car has broken down.

    On another note, I was wondering, did you have Schooly D – Welcome to America on CD? Really want to get me hands on the MP3’s. No idea who would have it to be honest, do you?


  2. Hawsplay says:

    Hehe.. Service that thing man!..

    No I don’t have Schooly D on CD… But I got a copy of that album (I think) and a greatest hits one from eiather you or Mr. Dedli Cii years ago.. On tape.. Not sure where it is..

    Love to get a copy of that too..

    “I wanna ge dusted…. I wanna get dusted bay-beee.. “… Word.. True..