My Birthday Madness Mega Mash Up! . .


As my birthday is hapnin on the 8th, i’m headin to The Espy St. Kilda on Saturday August 11th for my b’day.. For some drinks, catch ups, live music and good old fashioned funky times.. I’ll be headin in for about 9-9:30pm..

A band called the 8 Ball Jokers be playin that night.. Havn’t seen em before, but heard they know how to rock the crowd, I found out about em thru friends… And now they are on my MySpace… What a beautiful story.. :o

I’d love you to come down if u can.. $12 entry fee.. So hopefully u can set aside a few $$’s for that night.. I certainly am!..

There is a flyer attached to my comments section for further details..

Have a great week.. Look forward to seeing those who can make it.. I only have so many ppls emails, so please spread the word.. Cheerz..


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