Supa Star . .

Hey Cozza,

This is a classic.. Did u have the 12″ to this on vinyl?.. With instrumental and all?

3 Responses to “Supa Star . .”

  1. Cozza says:

    Heya trix, good clip main. Nah, I don’t have the 12″ but I’ve got the album. Quality track.

    Have you seen this shit man, you don’t even need Vinyl anymore!

  2. Flosco says:

    Thats something else, bet ya’s can’t wait
    to get your hands on that little toy, I’ll have
    to send that link to Wez..
    Still on the look out for another ticket for the
    picnic Wizza

  3. Cozza says:

    Sweet as bro, I will keep an eye out too! Got flights booked, and hopefully this bird will get back to me today about the other one, so there’s no turning back now!