Monday shit

G’day all,

I’ve just changed the settings so you don’t have to be logged in to comment. Don’t know if this is a problem for anyone else, but it keeped pissing me off if I came to have a look at the site and just wanted to comment on something and not write a post. Anyways, if we get non-tbh people commenting I can always turn it off again.

Other than that, saw KRS-One again on Friday. He must have been hangin out in London all week, but he did another small show in Brixton. I was down the front again, fuckin awesome! He was supposed to stop at 1am in accordance with local noise pollution laws, but he just kept doing one more, then one more and in the end the bouncers had to drag him off stage at 1.30 and out the back doors with the Mic in hand and still rappin. Hilarious! KRS-One is still the best…

There is another version of WordPress out recently that makes it much easier to post Youtube video and photos. Whenever we’ve both got time Dug, might be worth an upgrade. According to the WordPress site upgrades are quite straightforward. We’ll see…

5 Responses to “Monday shit”

  1. A-dowg says:

    Gave me the shiznits too!

    KRS, top show….whens he coming to Aus?

  2. Cozza says:

    Dunno if he will make it to Australia, it’s a long fuckin plane ride and he doesn’t like flying I’m told. Who knows though, he may still yet…

  3. Flosco says:

    Hey was supposed to play in dublin but he cancelled,
    I was feckin dyin to she him,

    must have been on the lash in london

  4. Cozza says:

    Yeah, apparently he was doing a conference at a Uni in London a couple of days ago, so he is probably still around. Don’t know why he cancelled the Ireland trip, bit shit really.

  5. Flosco says:

    Yeah it was a bit shit,
    I was gunnin to see him,
    oh well next time for sure