I’ve fallen… And I can’t get up!

Hi pizzeeps!

I’ve been sucked into the MySpace vortex and wonderin if anyone else here has bovered to do the same..

I only have 182 friends… and most of them don’t know me!… Weird how it works hey?… Probably cause I have Jenna Jamison, Jack Nicholson and Chris Tucker, (to name a few), as friends.

    My URL is: myspace.com/hawsplay

Feel free to browse n add me if u desire.. But u have to be ultra cool tho!… Yeah.. That’s right!.. :oD


4 Responses to “I’ve fallen… And I can’t get up!”

  1. Cozza says:

    Hey Trix, nice site there mate. I have still managed to hold off on a myspace page while everyone else around me keeps talking about it. I will get one one of these days!

    Have you got a Facebook page yet? That seems to be the one everyone is talking about at the minute…

  2. Hawsplay says:

    Thanks mate..

    Yeah.. I’ve heard of Facebook.. But everyone keeps talking about it.. So I ain’t touchin it just yet.. hehe… Probably set 1 up when I get over Myspace.. Who knows..

  3. duglas says:

    Nice work Trix! Diggin the Roxbury clip hehe. I’ve gotta learn to dance (like that) ;)

  4. Hawsplay says:

    Classic movie that one man!… I think the idea must’ve come from that clip.. Jim Carrey in it even..

    thanks man..

    Oh.. Did u get my email last week re: PC related questions?