Weeee got the funk!…. Give up the funk!… AAA-Weeeeeee!

Good work Desmond!…

Lovin the new look…

Had to put my sunnies on when I first checked it out!… Think i’m alright now tho man..

Yes.. This is Trix.. Hawsplay is who I now am!…. What a tosser u may think… Well like it or hate it… That’s what i’ve chosen for new DJ name… Let’s see how long this lasts before the $A-Dowg gives me his usual shit!… haha..
Carn Razzlerz!… I will see u guys play 1 day…

Hope all’s well near and far..

How bout that rain!… Fwawwww!.. Pretty wet that rain stuff hey?


2 Responses to “Weeee got the funk!…. Give up the funk!… AAA-Weeeeeee!”

  1. Cozza says:

    Hey Trix, Dug also did the site, so thanks to him as well.

    Hawsplay, sounds cool man, are ya DJing much?

    Take it easy

  2. Hawsplay says:

    Of course… Duggie!… Can’t give Cozza all the credit hey.. hehe.. nice werk..

    Thanks man.. gonna be DJ’in at Platform 3 in Richmond next Friday.. 8th I think.. Gonna be spinnin some 70’s & 80’s funk & soul and Jazzy grooves..

    So best be practicin..

    Hope all’s well man… hope te lady be treatin u well… And likewise of course..

    Hope u enjoy da KRS n Marl gigs man!… Fukn jealous!.. hehe..