Now, this may draw scorn and ridicule from some of you, but I’m trying to find Aussie rules on the internet. Can’t find any live telecast anywhere, so was wondering if any of ya’s knew how to get some torrents or something? Was gonna try Joost Dug, but it only works on Intel Macs for fark sake. Can you tell me if AFL games are appearing on Joost though? If so, would be worth getting a PC to run it.


2 Responses to “AFL”

  1. duglas says:

    Heya Coz, Joost doesn’t have Aussie Rules yet, doesn’t have much other than american content as yet. Perhaps when it officially launches it will. The p2p tech it uses probably makes live streams a bit awkward but I’m not sure.

  2. Cozza says:

    Yes, that’s true Dug. Even if I could get the games on delay it would be sweet. I’ve given up on live streams!

    Is there any Aussie site that does live stream of the AFL games by subscription? I know Big Pond does, but on a 24 hour delay. Would be great to be able to watch them live..