A Sad Day For TBH with the Passing of MUTTLEY. (RIP little buddy)

one of the greatest hounds to grace the planet, sadly passed away last nite. Poor little dude took his last breath at 9.30 pm 4th june 2008 after complications with a tumour he had. Il be having a wake at wheelers resort in a few weeks time for all of his friends to get smashed, eat well and pay our last respects to my little mate.


6 Responses to “A Sad Day For TBH with the Passing of MUTTLEY. (RIP little buddy)”

  1. duglas says:

    R.I.P MUTTLEY. Sorry to hear this Styles.

  2. chops says:

    Sorry to hear the little Norman’s passing Goat, R.I.P MUTTLEY

  3. trogz says:

    Hey nicko, so sorry to hear about passing of Muttley. our thoughts are with ya. keep ya chin up mate!

  4. Trix says:

    Sad news mate.. Sorry to hear..

    Look forward to a catch up and plenty of ales n laughs mate.. :o)

  5. A-dowg says:

    Although we didn’t get along, it is a sad day….hopes alls well Nicko.
    A better adversary I couldn’t of had!

  6. Cozza says:

    Hey Nicko, just found this post. That is a shame mate, he was the lovable scamp. Hope you’re recovering after some time.

    Cheers bro