This site has been designed and built for members of TBH crew. Anyone can join, but if you don’t know what TBH actually is you probably won’t be too interested! Here are some tips for posting.

Signing up for an account
You will need to create your account before you do anything!

  1. Go to the Register link under Members in the right hand column.
  2. Enter your username and email address. Click register then check your email.
  3. Grab the username and password, then go back to the homepage and click the Login link under Members on the right hand column. Enter your details and click login.
  4. When you login you’ll see four links at the top left hand side of the screen. They are the following:
  • Dashboard: This is just updates for the WordPress software we are using, ignore it.
  • Write: Click this to add a new post.
  • Manage: Once you have started adding posts you can use this link to edit, delete, or view what you’ve done.
  • Profile: This is where you edit your details. Have a look through, it may be worth changing your password to something you’ll remember, you can also change the name you want to be displayed under Nickname. (Remember, your login name will stay the same though and can’t be changed).

Once you are logged in you can always get back to the admin section by clicking the Site Admin link under the Members heading.

Adding a Post
Login and go to the Write section. You can see here, you’ve got a title field and a page content field. Pretty straightforward stuff, but if you scroll down further, there is a blue box that says Upload and Browse all. This is for uploading your images. Also, below that is a preview of what your post is gonna look like. Remember, you can click the save and continue editing button at anytime so you don’t lose what you’re typing if your computer crashes. Here are some of the features to use when editing:

Editing Text in the “Page Content” field.
If you look below the Page Content title, you will see a group of buttons, the B is for Bold text, the I is for italic. To use these, you need to type your text first, then come back and highlight the section you want to change. Once you’ve got it highlighted, click on one of those buttons.

To start a new paragraph when editing, hit the ENTER button. To start a new line only, hold down SHIFT key and hit ENTER.

Adding links (stolen from someone else’s site!)

  1. Select the text that you want to use for your link.
    Use text, not the actual URL, for your link. It will make it easier for visitors to understand what they’re clicking on and will look better in your posts.

Highlight Text

  1. Click the “Add Link” icon in the editor menu bar (or use the keyboard shortcut “Alt-A”).

Create Link 2 - Click Add Link Button

  1. Paste the URL link address for the site in the text field: Link URL. Click Insert
    Be sure to use the complete address including http:// , you can also fill in the Title field with a Text Description of your link.

Create Link 3 - Add URL and Title

  1. You’re finished!
    It’s that easy to add a link to your blog.

Create Link 4 - Your Finished Link


Adding an image

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel. Go to Write and then Post or Page.
  2. Scroll down to the blue box in the middle that says File, Title, and Description. Click on Browse to locate your image on your hard drive. You can type in a Title and Description but it is not a must.
  3. Click Upload. Now your page will reload and you should see your image in the blue box. Make sure the Browser Tab is clicked.
  4. To add that image to your page or post, click one time on the image. You will see a few options; Using Thumbnail, Not Linked, Send to Editor, Delete, and Close Options. Click on the Using Thumbnail option until it says Using Original, otherwise the image will show up small like a thumbnail on your page.
  5. Click on Close Options, now click and drag the image into the page content window. Drag it to where you want it to sit within your text.
  6. The image will appear small in your window, click on it and a set of guides will appear around the outside of the image. You can now click the small box at the right hand corner and drag the image out as big as you want it to be. (Bear in mind that an image can only be as big as the content window for the site, you may want to check you haven’t made it to big once you save your post.
  7. That’s it, whenever you upload new images, you will see they are added to the Browse all tab for you to use whenever necessary.


Adding Youtube videos
IMPORTANT: Make sure you turn of the visual editor before adding you tube embed code as it will break the site. If you do happen to do it, go to the admin section and delete your post then try again.

Step 1. Disable Visual Editor on your user profile.

If you paste the Youtube embed code into a normal window it won’t work as the WordPress Editor will change your code. So you need to disable the Visual Editor to sort it out. Open your WP-Admin and then go to Users –> Your Profile (Step 1 in picture below). Simply un-check mark from “Use the visual editor …” (Step 2) and then click Update Profile (Step 3). Now you are done and ready to embed video into your post.


Step 2. Embed The Youtube Video into post or page.

Once you have disabled visual editor in your profile go to the Write section and add a new post or edit one you’ve already made. Now just paste the Youtube embed code in and publish the post.


Once all steps completed and your post published make sure you return to your profile and re-enable visual editor. Please remember you will have to disable it every time you decide to edit content with embedded video.