The Bones Brigade Video Show

Featuring: Steve Caballero, Adrian Demain, Todd Hastings, Tony Hawk, Chris Iverson, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, Rodney Mullen, Stacy Peralta, Eddie Reatigui, Kevin Staab, Steve Steadham and Per Welinder.

During 1979 to 1983, skateboarding went though its first “dark age”. Popularity plunged, and most skaters moved off to smoke bongs and trash trains. However public transport strikes and a dry herb season in the early 80’s helped resurrect the skateboarding boom. With the surge of interest, Charlies Angels star, Stacey Peralta put together the first of the famous Bones Brigade videos –

The Bones Brigade Video Show.
The Bones Brigade Video Showripperbones
34 minutes of classic 80’s skating with cess slides, rock ‘n rolls, bonelesses, street, ramp, pool and furious downhill action.
Although hard not to mention the rainbow coloured pads, Warwick Capper shorts, and crowd reactions that would put most Neighbours stars out, looking for work.

Highlights include ledgendary Tony Hawk showcasing skills well before he was legal to drink. The Amazing Rodney Mullen freestyling like he was from the year 2010 and Stacey Peralta in one of the finest downhill, frontside, backside, 360 slide to fakie rides you’re ever gonna see.

The soundtrack includes time-honored favourites such as Skate and Destroy by The Faction, Did You Wanna Die by Youth Brigade, Skateboard Blues and the Bones Brigade Shuffle with the world famous Johnny Rad!

back cover

The Faction – Skate & Destroy
Rad Boys – Skateboard Blues
Al Oakie & Friends – Jumpin With Jarvis
Doug Dragon – Night Cruzer Two
Rad Boys – Pidgeon Head Funk
Rad Boys – Del Marista – Daktar
The Nudes – Mystery
Rad Boys – Rhue Elegon In Blue
The Halibuts – Mr. Mysterioso
Rad Boys – Radrista Blazita
Systems Of Romance – Shadows
Youth Brigade – Did You Wanna Die
Don Peyton – Karma Cue
Rad Boys – Bones Brigade Shuffle


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